Beginning with the sermon on Sunday, April 26, 2009, sermons will posted to this site
Sunday following service. SFWBF prays that all who hear them will be uplifted, encouraged and spiritually
nourished. Unless, stated otherwise all messages are the intellectual property of Rev. Joseph L. Williams II, M. DIV.

May 2010
05-29-10 "Who is going with you?"
05-23-10 "Respecting The Word of God without Respecting the God of the Word"
5-16-10 "Not In My House: Three Ways to Glorify God" (Minister Nathaniel Colbert)
5-9-10 "Going Places with God: Leave the Women and Children Behind"
5-2-10 "Going Places With God: You don't Have To Catch Hail"
South Fort Worth Baptist Fellowship
August 2010

"The Darkness of Disobedience"